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Hi! My name is Miguel and this is my first foray into creating a webpage. I am currently a full-time graduate student in the Information and Library Science Department at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT. One of my favorite things is to travel and my favorite place to go is Puerto Rico (, where my family has lived for many years. I have traveled to many places, but my heart is always there. The lyrics of the song "En mi viejo San Juan" (to the right) capture the sentiment that so many of us for love the island feel when we are not there. Above is a picture in front of a pillbox at El Morro, one of the historic forts in old San Juan. 


The pictures below are from a few of my trips abroad.  As an undergrad I sang in the college choir and now I sing with an Alumni Chorus (  Below are a couple of pictures from some of my trips.  The top one is in Tenochtitlan, Mexico, standing atop the Pyramid of the Sun with the Pyramid of the Moon in the background.  On that trip in 2009 we traveled to Mexico and Guatemala.  The bottom picture is on top of Corvado mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.  That trip in 2004 took us to Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.